Monday please inspire me!

A little source of inspiration to get you through Monday…

Today I recommend a visit to

If you have ever spent hours working away at something, for example dying, carding or painting & taken a step back & thought ‘Blimey!!! those colours look sooo PUGLY together!!!’ this is a great little site where you can put together colour palettes, pattern palettes and use this fab tool that picks up colour tones from pics (their stock images or ones you upload) –

Plus so much more – its just fab! its free to set up an account & you can save your palettes & share them as well as rate & favourite other peoples too – Enjoy x x x


Monday please inspire me!

Good morning Monday! If your anything like me you may need more than a few coffees & a good kick up the ____ (insert own choice here) ____ before you can get round to the idea of creating something to share with the world. So I share with you a little inspiration I have come across while tootling round the wonderweb – enjoy…

Music by Tanya Davis –

I may make this a regular feature…